2018 ENSA Annual Symposium - Adelaide


The 2018 ENSA Annual Symposium was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Monday, 20 August 2018.

The meeting was strongly focused on the education and management of the hormonal diseases to ensure the professional development of Endocrine Nurses. The 2018 theme was "THE EVOLVING WORLD OF ENDOCRINOLOGY - FROM TESTING TO TRANSGENDER" and the program focused on:

  • The latest research and development of standards of care for the treatment of transgender and gender incongruent individuals;
  • Opportunities available for career progression of the Endocrine Nurse;
  • The challenges of Pituitary Disorders;
  • The Dynamics of Dynamic Function Testing;
  • The NURSES IN ACTION session, with awesome presentations by our peers, sharing the expertise of their “craft”.

We would like to thank all participants, as well as our sponsors for their support to the meeting.

We hope to enjoyed the meeting and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

2018 ENSA Conference Organising Committee
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Carmen Bischoff Venecia Willenberg