President's Report

Endocrine Nurses Society of Australasia (ENSA) AGM

Endocrine Nurses Society of Australasia (ENSA) AGM

President’s Report 20 August 2018

AGM Adelaide Convention Centre

It has been my honour and privilege to be the ENSA President from August 2016 until today. First of all I would like to say thank you to our wonderful executive team. Ann Robinson as the past president who has been great with her support, experience and resources. Also thank you to our Secretary, Carmen Bischoff, who has been managing our agenda and minutes over the last 4 years. She has also been on the ENSA programme organising committee for several conferences.

Great thank to Associate Professor Chris White who has been our medical advisor over the last two years. Many thanks to Professor David Torpy who will be ENSA medical advisor for the term 2018-2020.

Thank you to Shannon Reakes and Michelle Warnock who have been our treasurers over the last 3 years. Josie Green has been a member of the executive for the past 2 years as president elect.

Every couple of months, the executive committee has teleconference to ensure the smooth running of the ENSA activities.

The 2018 Symposium Organising Committee (SOC) has been working extremely hard on this ENSA symposium.  This year we have conjoin lectures with Endocrine Society of Australia and Society of Reproductive Biology (ESA-SRB) Scientific meeting that will provide a great opportunity for ENSA members to learn and network. One of our ENSA members, Liza Nery, is also one of the speakers at the Breakfast Symposium of these conjoin lectures. With the great effort of our SOC and ASN team, we have been able to attract a number of sponsorships and have also been able to provide travel grants to support our members for their attendance to this symposium. 

Many thanks to Bin Moore, the NSW State representative, who has re-established NSW branch meetings in 2016 and adding them onto the ESA clinical monthly meetings at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Also many thanks to Josie Green, the Victoria State representative, who has re-established Victoria branch meetings recently.

ENSA continues to be represented at the Stop Osteoporotic Secondary Fracture (SOS) Alliance. Great thanks to Ann Robinson who has been representing ENSA as one of the members of the SOS Governing Committee since 2016.

ENSA has a strong collaboration with the Federation of International Nurses in Endocrinology (FINE) which embraces members all over the world including countries of USA, Europe and Southeast Asia. It is great to see that Chris Yedinak, Julie Hetherington and Ann Robinson again have been involving in the planning of the upcoming FINE symposium that embedded in the International Congress of Endocrinology (ICE) meeting at Cape Town, South Africa, in December this year. We currently have 5 ENSA members: Chris Yedinak, Julie Hetherington, Ann Robinson, Venecia Willenberg, and myself, will attend and/or present at the FINE symposium and ICE meeting in Cape Town this year.

Our ENSA members have been involved in publication of an international endocrine nursing textbook entitled “Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing”. Many thanks to Ann Robinson and Chris Yedinak as editors, and Julie Hetherington, Klaus Sommers and myself as authors. It is anticipated that this book will be published by Springer and will be launched in ICE in December this year.

About end of last year, ENSA supported the endorsement of The Paediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society (PENS) Position Statement on Bullying Prevention.

Many ENSA members have attended the 15th Paediatric Endocrine Nurses and 1st Adult Endocrine Nurses Conference in Melbourne early this year and had wonderful feedback to this meeting

ENSA was invited to review and comment on the Revision of Therapeutic Guidelines: Endocrinology topics to assist the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners in providing feedback. Klaus Sommer, some ENSA members and myself were reviewers in providing the feedback recently to the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners.

On 16 June 18, the Novartis Annual Endocrinology and Oncology Meeting for Nurses was held in Sydney and several ENSA members attended this meeting. Julie Hetherington was one of the speakers at this meeting as well.

Congratulation to Ann Robinson who has complied `The Hand–Held Health Care Record for People with Acromegaly’ 2nd edition this year, as an initiative of ENSA. This booklet will be launched at the ENSA dinner tonight and has now available to be downloaded in ENSA website.

Special welcome to our new members! It is exciting to see that we have 15 new members with about 27% increase in membership during my two-year-term presidency. All of these new members bring inspiration, enthusiasm and wonderful nursing experience in endocrinology. Many thanks for Klaus Sommer who has been looking after ENSA membership. Also great thanks to ASN team who also assists in managing our membership.

Special thanks to Maresa Derbyshire who has been working closely with ASN for ongoing management of the ENSA website and Facebook page. 

Great thanks to Tania Yarndley who has been the ENSA Newsletter Editor for long time until August 2018. Many thanks to Carol Jarvis who is willing to take over the role of Newsletter Editor from now on.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all the best, Josie, of taking over the role of ENSA President, after today’s conference.

Once again thank you for all the ENSA members in attending this Conference and looking forward to seeing you again in next ENSA activities. 

With best wishes

Yuk Fun Chan