About ENSA


Welcome to ENSA the key nurse's group for Endocrine nursing for Australia and New Zealand. The Endocrine Nurses' Society of Australasia incorporated, (ENSA Inc.) is a professional organisation which provides a forum for continuing education and professional development of nurses working in the field of endocrinology.

The Society promotes collaboration between health professionals and is committed to the advancement of the art and science of endocrine nursing as a specialty field. Through the development of standards of practise, enhancing clinical expertise and promoting and encouraging nursing research.

Endocrine Nurse Specialists (ENS) work across the full spectrum of endocrine disorders, either in clinical practice, research or education.

Areas of interest include the following:
Pituitary, thyroid, adrenal disorders
Disorders associated with growth, development and puberty
Paediatric and adolescent gynaecology
Intersex disorders
Hormone replacement therapies
Menopause and infertility
Dynamic diagnostic testing
Bone and mineral metabolism
Obesity, metabolism and eating disorders
Endocrine and diabetes education
Clinical and nursing research
Nursing education.

* To provide a forum for continuing education, exchange of information, ideas and discussion of issues related to endocrine nursing care.
* To promote the role of the endocrine nurse specialist in clinical areas and in research.
* To act as a resource group.
* To promote collaboration between health professionals working in the area of endocrinology.
* To develop standards of practice for endocrine nursing
* To promote continuing education and professional development in the field of endocrine nursing.
* To promote public awareness and education about management and treatment of endocrine disorders.

MEETING MINUTES: If you would like to receive previous meeting minutes please email Maresa Derbyshire at maresa.derbyshire@svhm.org.au. As this is a public site we are not able to post the meeting minutes here.