Membership DASHBOARD

Our membership details are managed through the ASN Events group, so when you click the links above you are taken to the ASN Events dashboard. This is where you will log in and join up, or update your details when needed.

If you have attended a previous ENSA Symposium, the ESA Clinical Weekend, ESA-SRB or the ADS-ADEA you will be familiar with the dashboard registration.

Your details from that meeting will still be on your dashboard, so log in using your email address and click the links to join ENSA, which is listed on your dashboard menu.

If you have never attended one of the aforementioned conferences, just follow the New Member instructions to create your dashboard.

Good luck and let us know if you have any problems -

Julie Hetherington

Tania Yarndley

As a professional organisation, ENSA offers to its members the following          

  • A biannual newsletter.
  • State Branch Meetings & education sessions.
  • An annual conference.
  • The opportunity to network with other professional nursing and medical organisations within Australia and overseas.
  • An annual research scholarship (conditions apply).
  • Two annual international travel scholarships (conditions apply).
  • Interstate travel grants to attend the annual conference (conditions apply).
  • Conference awards for oral and poster presentations.


1 year Membership $60.00
2 year Membership $100.00
1 year Corporate Membership $100.00
1 year Associate Member
(Membership for those not working directly in Endocrinology)

Fees are payable by the 1st July each year. The membership levels are:

Full membership:
Registered nurses who are actively working in endocrinology. They have the right to vote, hold elected executive office, chair or serve on committees and attend meetings.

Corporate membership:
Individuals employed by industry or in marketing and service areas of endocrinology.

Associate membership:
Registered nurses who have an interest in endocrinology, but may work full time in a university or research institution or in the area of diabetes education. They are eligible for all the benefits of full membership except holding executive office. They have the right to vote, chair or serve on committees and attend meetings.

Join ENSA using this link. Existing members can update their profile using the same link.


If you would like to receive previous meeting minutes please email Maresa Derbyshire at As this is a public site we are not able to post the meeting minutes here.